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Hello, I'm Holly, founder of The Cadogan Flower Company (formerly Holly Cadogan Flowers). My love of flowers took off from a very early age. I would sit in the garden with my Nan picking rose petals and putting them into buckets of water to make concoctions of perfume, this would be followed by watching endless episodes of ground force on a Friday night. My Grandad on the other hand, owned a soil company and his extensive knowledge of this helped me in understanding the grounding for a good garden to grow an abundance of flowers.


When I was 6 I moved to East Grinstead. Our house had a very long winding garden which was overgrown and filled with hidden treasures that we are still discovering almost 20 years on. My earliest and fondest memories were  getting my hands dirty in the garden, it now flourishes with beautiful flowers and interesting plants. 

I met my husband Ricky at the age of 15 and we grew up together spending most of our time outdoors on his Grandad's land. He had two large poly-tunnels and a smaller one for growing vegetables. Shortly after we met I took a temp job in a florist shop and absolutely loved it. I had found my calling!! My hands were a wreck but my mind was buzzing from all of the flower varieties, colours and gorgeous scents. 


 In 2014 I started my flower business and I have had the pleasure of designing flowers for many Weddings and Events.


I can certainly say I have found my calling. I now have two green-fingered children, a son called Bear and a daughter Ivy and we love to grow and play with flowers together.

Holly Cadogan from The Cadoan Flower Company

t h e    c a d o g a n    f l o w e r    c o m p a n y

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