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Paris 2018

Oh Paris... what can I say? You are the epitome of Romance....

In June I decided to book a very last minute break to Paris. No particular reason, it just took my fancy and I'm very much of a spur of the moment person, when I get an idea in my mind I want to do it then and there. (Not so great for my bank balance!!)

I text Ricky and said pack your bags we are off to Paris. Bear was going to be looked after by my godmother for the weekend and so it was just for my husband and I to jump on a plane and enjoy a weekend away together, romancing in Paris and enjoying some alone time.

I found a beautiful little 4 star hotel on the Secret Escapes website which was located right next to the Eiffel Tower and the Metro route.

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a photo of a lovely family in Paris which had been taken by a photographer Rachael through a company called Flytographer. Being someone who loves professional pictures I decided to look further into it and found the concept to be having holiday photos with the ability to have everyone in the picture! AMAZING!! Usually in holiday snaps you would have one person left out of a group shot because someone has to take the photo, and we can be wary of asking a stranger to take one for you in case they run off with your camera or god forbid your Iphone.

Anyway, I found Rachael on the site and enquired about my dates and luckily she was available. Her style was totally what I was looking for; light, bright and airy. We went for a super early shoot near the Eiffel Tower just before the sun came up. It was magical! We turned up a little nervous but once we got going we forgot anyone was even there and had such a great time.

We got the pictures 5 days later and we couldn't have been happier. Take a look...

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