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Sophie & James Wedding at Starborough Manor

Only located just 5 minutes down the road from me is Starborough Manor (Lingfield), a hidden treasure I never even knew existed. Through the brick pillars and up the tree lined driveway you turn to the right and are greeted by a beautiful 19th century manor house situated next to a gorgeous moat which surrounds a very small Gothic castle which is hidden behind lots of trees. The moat had a beautiful little longboat moored by the bank. A little history for you the castle was built on the site of a medieval castle demolished by Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War. Who knew there could be such history right on my doorstep which i'm sure many people didn't know about.

Anyway back to the beautiful wedding, Sophie and James had hired the venue with its grounds and additionally to that hired a large white marquee to sit on the front lawn. The couple chose a pastel colour scheme one of my favourites and it was perfect for the season, you couldn't find more beautiful pastel flowers at any other time. The tables were adorned with white jugs of these beautiful blooms and we added a hanging flower backdrop behind the top table with long delphiniums. We also created a large pedestal for the church which was later moved to the main reception. Sophie and James are such a lovely couple and lovely to work with and here are some of the pictures to go with it captured by Voyteck Photography.

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